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We do not implement blindly the requirements of the client. We look into the topic, we approach all the aspects of the business and needs of the client.

To exceed in something one needs to know his strong sides, his competitors, the situation and the expectations of the market. We must have a clear vision of the market to be able to get closer to perfection.

The client will compare you to your competitors. To be better than your competitors you need to know them, you need to keep up with them, and when it’s possible you need to be faster and more innovative.

The requirements of the clients, their exigence, their point of view and for example just their mood or their feelings, this is what leads your business. The clients are dictating the rules and they have to work in your favor.


It’s important that your client gets easily oriented in what you do, what you want to present and sees

We have our own team of graphic designers that can implement your craziest fantasies, give you a professional advise and add some creativity into your work.

Every person is very visually oriented, they want to be impressed, and sometimes a still pictures is not enough. Sometimes movement can bring so much more.

We make you stand out of your competitors. Your brand needs to be bright, recognizable and contemporary. We know all the rules, we follow the trends, we create new ones.


Our design will look stunning on any device. Don’t be ashamed of any of its version.

All the details matter. We will not be satisfied by our work unless everything is perfect until the last pixel on the page.

You keep changing ideas? Or you’re not fully satisfied? It’s alright, because we will keep implementing changes to your web until you are.

The web creation is a journey that starts by putting your website out there on the big wide web. We will be there to support you and make sure you are never outdated.


Our website plans

The base.

Full installation

Web design solution

Fully responsive

SEO ready

from 999€

Deep analysis.

Base package +

Market evaluation

Competitor research

Endless revisions

from 1299€

Into details.

Deep package +

Complete branding

High level design

Full support

from 3999€


For individuals

Create your CV online


Have you ever thought of putting your CV online, instead of sending it every time? Have you ever thought to stand out from the crowd? During the times of the online era, during the current travel restrictions and social distancing, the online CV is a must have for everyone. You can create your own webpage, containing all your skills and experience, you can make it interactive, you can make your own design. Impress everyone right from the start.



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