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It’s teamwork, passion and the territory that make their wine unique.


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Have you ever had the chance to avoid website payment? We offer you a completely different approach. You don’t have to buy the site, you can simply rent it. Let’s create your site today, you can use it right away, but you can pay for the service with a convenient agreed monthly payment. Very simple. We take care of the rest.

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Creative director

Andrea Toffanin

Creativity – that’s the leading engine of our team. He creates ideas, he knows how to use his imagination, we all depend on it, he is our starting point.


Project manager

Luca D'Andrea

The brain of our team. Without his managing skills we wouldn’t be the team we are. He is holding us together, he knows where to go and how to reach the goals.

Marina Marcenkova - Verus IT director


IT director

Marina Marcenkova

The implementer of our team. There is no goal she can’t achieve. All the craziest fantasies, all the important puzzles, even if most of them are behind the scenes. She is the one who is  going to make it work.



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